Yi Jing Theory

From Yi Jing theory:

  • Wuji (empty condition) gave birth to Taiji (Yin Yang condition),
  • Taiji gave birth to Liang Yi (two polarity condition),
  • Liang Yi gave birth to Si Xiang (4 directions condition),
  • Si Xiang gave birth to Bagua (eight directions condition),


  • Wuji means earth spleen (center) of body,
  • Taiji means the Yin Yang energy can exchanging,
  • Liang Yi means the Yin and Yang go separate and fight or balance and harmonize a condition,
  • Si Xiang means during the Yin Yang energy changing the Zang Fu is shaped which is heart (south), kidney (north), liver (east), lung( west), the spleen earth is everywhere(basic or center),
  • Bagua means the meridian system build up which is Five Zang and Five Fu’s meridians plus Pc and Sanjiao with Du and Ren meridians.

So without Zang Fu, there will be not a meridian system in TCM, the Zang Fu is more basic condition than a meridian condition, and it is the basic way of diagnosing and treating the patient’s energy condition, it is very important! Zang Fu and meridian system like mother and son, they should not be separated or canceled any one in TCM.