Acupuncture Points

This course uses anatomical terminology that may be confusing if you have no experience with these terms. The University offers a course in Anatomical Terminology that will help with your understanding.

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This course introduces the scholar to the 21 (穴, xué, acupuncture points) as presented in Wang Pei Sheng’s book on the 37 posture Wu Taiji form. These points are beneficial to anyone seeking correct feelings while practicing all forms of Taiji.


Module 1 Cun (Tsun) Proportional Body Measurements

Presentation of the different proportional body measurements.

Unit 1 Cun Body Measurements
Unit 2 Quiz for Cun Measurements
Unit 3 Cun Body Measurements Copy
Module 2 Head

This course will cover the basic points that show up in the study of the Taiji Classics.

Unit 1 Bai Hui
Unit 2 Xuan Guan
Unit 3 Yu Zhen
Unit 4 Yi Feng
Unit 5 Quiz for the Head
Module 3 Body

Points located on the body

Unit 1 Jian Jing
Unit 2 Jia Ji
Unit 3 Shan Zhong
Unit 4 Dan Tian
Unit 5 Ming Men
Unit 6 Wei Lu
Unit 7 Hui Yin
Unit 8 Quiz for Body
Module 4 Arms

Points on the arms

Unit 1 Qu Chi
Unit 2 Shao Hai
Unit 3 Nei Lao Gong
Unit 4 Wai Lao Gong
Unit 5 Quiz for Arms
Module 5 Legs

Points on the legs

Unit 1 Huan Tiao
Unit 2 Feng Shi
Unit 3 Yang Ling Quan
Unit 4 Yin Ling Quan
Unit 5 Yong Quan
Unit 6 Quiz for Leg
Module 6 Review

Review of the course

Unit 1 Final Exam
Unit 2 Survey/Comments
  • Synonymous Terms

    Accumulating points
    Cleft points, Xi points, Xi-Cleft points
     Cun, Tsun, Unit
    Alarm points
    Front-Mu, Mo points, Mu points

    Ancestral vessels
     Eight meridians, Eight extra meridians, Eight extraordinary vessels
    Antique points
     Command points of the primary meridians, Five element points, Five- Shu points
    Associated points
     Associated effect points, Back- Shu, Shu points, Yu points

     Deficiency (or Deficient), emptiness, xu

     Associated points, associated effect points, Shu points, Yu points
    Backward on Ko cycle
     Counteracting cycle, insult cycle
    Body fluids
     Ching ye, Jin-ye

     Fu, Yang organ
     Supplement, tonify

    Ching points
    Jing-river points, King points, traversing points
    Ching ye
     Body fluids, Jin-ye
    Chong Mai
     Chong meridian, penetrating meridian

    Cleft points
     Accumulating points, Xi points, Xi-Cleft points
     Connecting (points or vessel), Lo, Luo, Passage
    Command points on primary meridians
     Antique points, Five element points, Five-Shu points

     Moss, Tongue fur
    Conception Vessel
     Ren meridian, Ren Mo, Ren Mai

    Connecting points or vessel
     Collaterals, Lo, Luo, Passage
    Control Cycle
     Interacting cycle, Overacting cycle, Ko cycle
    Crossing points
     Points of intersection

    Counteracting cycle
     Insult cycle
     A.C.I., Tsun, Unit

    Dai Mai
    Dai meridian, Belt meridian
    Defensive Qi
     Protective energy, Wei Qi
    Deficiency (deficient)
     Asthenia, Emptiness, Xu

    Disorder stemming from external factors
     Exogenous, Externally generated
    Disorder stemming from internal factors
     Endogenous, Internally generated
     Reduce, Sedate, Xie

    Distal points
     Remote points
    Du meridian
     Du Mai, Du Mo, Governing vessel

    Eight Meridians
     Ancestral vessels, Eight extra meridians, Eight extraordinary vessels
    Eight confluent points
     Eight key points of the Eight extra meridians, Eight master points, Eight opening points
    Eight influential points
     Eight asssembling points, Eight meeting points, Eight points related to body tissue

     Asthenia, Deficiency (or Deficient), Xu
     Disorder stemming from internal factors, Internally generated
    Enlarged tongue
     Fat tongue, flabby tongue, swollen tongue

     Fullness, Shi, Sthenia
     Disorder stemming from external factors, externally generated

    Externally generated
     Disorder stemming from external factors, Exogenous
    External pathogenic factor (or influence)
     Outside evil, pernicious influence, perverse energy

    Fat tongue
     Enlarged tongue, flabby tongue, swollen tongue
    Five element points
     Antique points, command points of the primary meridians, Five-Shu points
    Five elements
     Five phases, Wu Xing

    Five phases
     Five elements, Wu Xing
    Five-Shu points
     Antique points, command points of the primary meridians, five element points
    Flabby tongue
     Enlarged tongue, Fat tongue, swollen tongue

     Alarm points, Mo points, Mu points
     Yang organ, bowel
     Excess, Shi, Asthenia

    Generation cycle
     Interpromoting cycle, Sheng cycle
    Governing vessel
     Du meridian, Du Mai, Du Mo
    Gushing points
     Rong points, Ying-spring points,
    Yuong points

    He-sea points
     Ho points, uniting points

    Ho points
     He-sea points, uniting points
    Horary cycle
     Mid-day/midnight cycle, Organ clock

    Insult cycle
     Backward on the Ko cycle, counteracting cycle
    Interacting cycle
     Control cycle, overacting cycle, Ko cycle

    Internally generated
     Endogenous, disorder stemming from internal factors
    Interpromoting cycle
     Generation cycle,Sheng cycle

     Vertebral points
     Body fluids, Ching ye

    Jing-well points
     Ting points, well points
    Jing-river points
     Ching points, King points, Traversing point

    King points
     Ching points, Jing-river points, traversing points
    Ko cycle
     Control cycle, interacting cycle, overacting cycle

    Lower-He points
     Lower uniting points
    Lower Uniting points
     Lower-He points

     Collaterals, connecting (points or vessel), Lo, Passage

     Meridian, Mo, Meridian
    Main meridians
     Primary meridians, principal meridians, regular meridians
     Meridian, Mai, Mo (for instance Yinweimo, Yiaweimai, Du Mo, DuMai)

    Mid-day/midnight cycle
     Horary cycle, organ clock
     Meridian, Mai, Meridian
    Mo points
     Alarm points, Front-Mu, Mu points

     Coating, tongue fur
    Spoiler title
     Reinforcing points, tonifying (or tonification) points
    Mu points
     Alarm points, Front-Mu, Mu points

    Nourishing energy
     Ying Qi

     Organs and Bowels, viscera, Yin and Yang organs, Zang/fu
    Organ clock
     Horary cycle, mid-day/midnight cycle
    Organs and bowels
     Officials, viscera, Yin and Yang organs, Zang/fu

    Original Qi
     Prenatal Qi, Yuan Qi
    Outside evil
     External pathogenic factor (or influence), pernicious influence, perverse energy

     Collaterals, connecting (points or vessels), Lo, Luo
    Penetrating meridian
     Chong Mai, Chong meridian
    Pernicious influence
     External pathogenic factor (or influence), outside evil, perverse energy

    Perverse energy
     External pathogenic factor (or influence), outside evil, pernicious influence
    Points of intersection
     Crossing points
    Prenatal qi
     Original Qi, Yuan Qi

    Primal meridians
     Main meridians, principal meridians,
    regular meridians
    Principal meridians
    Main meridians, primary meridians, regular meridians
    Protective energy
     Defensive Qi, Wei Qi

     Disperse, sedate, Xie
    Reducing Points
     Dispersal points, sedation points, “Son” ponts
    Regular meridians
     Main meridians, primary meridians, principal meridians

    Reinforcing points
     Tonifying (or tonification) points
    Remote points
     Distal points
    Ren meridian
     Conception vessel, Ren Mo, Ren Mai

    Rong points
     Gushing points, Ying-spring points, Yuong points

     Three Heaters, Tri-Heater, Triple Burner, Triple Burning Space, Triple Energizer, Triple Heater, Triple Warmer
     Disperse, reduce, Xie
    Sedation points
     Dispersal points, reducing points, “Son” points

    Sheng cycle
     Generation cycle, interpromoting cycle
     Excess, fullness, sthenia
    Shu points
     Associated points, Back-Shu, Associated effect points, Yu points

    Shu-stream points
     Transporting points, Yu points
    Spoiler title
     Dispersal points, reducing points, sedation points
    Source points
     Yuan points

     Excess, fullness, Shi
     Bu, tonify
    Swollen tongue
     Enlarged tongue, fat tongue, flabby tongue

    Ting points
     Jing-well points, well points
    Tongue fur
     Coating, moss
    Tongue proper
     Tongue material or tissues

     Bu, supplement
    Tonifying points
    “Mother” points, reinforcing points
    Transporting points
     Shu-stream points, Yu points

    Traversing points
     Jing-river points, Ching points, King points
    Triple Burner
     Sanjiao, Three heaters, Tri-heater, Triple buring space, Triple energizer, Triple heater, Triple wanner
     A.C.I., cun, unit

    Vertebral points
     Officials, organs and bowels, Yin and Yang organs, Zang Fu

    Wei Qi
     Defensive Qi, protective energy
    Well points
    Jing-well points, Ting points
    Wu Xing
     Five elements, Five Phases

    Xi points
     Accumulating point, Cleft points, Xi-Cleft points
    Xi-Cleft points
     Accumulating points, Cleft points, Xi points
     Disperse, reduce, sedate

     Asthenia, deficiency (or deficient), emptiness

    Yangqiao meridian
     Yang Heel meridian
    Yang organ
     Bowel, Fu
    Yangwei meridian
     Yang Linking meridian

    Yin and Yang organs
     Officials, organs and bowels, viscera, Zang/Fu
    Yin organ
    Ying Qi
     Nourishing energy

    Ying-spring points
     Gushing points, Rong points, Yuong points
    Yinqiao meridian
     Yin Heel meridian
    Yinwei meridian
     Yin Linking meridian

    Yu points
     Shu-stream points, transporting points Associated points, associated effect points, Back-Shu, Shu points