Wang Peisheng #4

Taiji Classic
“Use the mind, not strength”
Master Wang says
1-“Just before making any movement, think first of uplifting your head lightly and loosening your joints, especially your shoulders and hips.”
2-“When practicing Taiji solo, imagine that you are using the Taiji technique to neutralize an opponent.”
3-“Whatever form or movements you are doing in Taiji, always meet the requirement that your arms and legs move coordinately, that the shoulder move in unison with the hip, the elbow with the knee, and the hand with the foot. To help with this, think of the three points on the arm meet with or separate from the three corresponding points on the leg, the points on the right arm in correspondence with the left leg and the points on the left arm in correspondence with the right leg. let them unite when doing a closing movement and separate when doing an opening movement. All of this should be led by the insubstantial arm, which is the arm on the same side as of your substantial leg (The leg which bears the greater part of your weight). Thinking in this way allows the mind to direct the body via the movement of qi, and allows you to move in a more precise and quick manner.”
4-“As your opponents weakness is shown, you are to send him off his feet, issue the energy from the bottom up by pressing the heel of your rear foot with a snap against the ground and at the same time think of the palm of the hand that is placed in the rear and is in line with the center of gravity of your opponent. Do not place your focus of attention on the contact point, nor on the object or the direction your eyes are looking at.”