Lung Meridian

Lung Meridian (Lu):

Starts in the Middle Jiao (Ren 12)

Descends to Large Intestine (its paired organ) (approximately at Ren 9)Lung

Ascends, crossing the upper portion of the Stomach (approximately at Ren 13)

Passes through the diaphragm and enters the Lungs (approximately at Ren 17)

Ascends to the throat

Turns laterally and goes inferiorfy across the clavicle and emerges at Lung 1 (Entry Point)

Ascends to Lung 2

Moves to arm and descends through the anterior aspect of the upper arm to the transverse cubital crease and passes through Lung 5

Continues along the anterior aspect of the forearm to the styloid process of the

Radius at Lung 7 (Exit point). Branches.

Crosses the radial pulse and Lung 8 and moves through the transverse wrist crease at Lung 9

Transverses the thenar eminence of the palm through Lung 10

Moves up the radial side of the thumb to the distal end of the thumb at Lung 11



• Lung 7 (exit) to LI 4