Herb Chapters

[su_tooltip style=”bootstrap” position=”north” size=”5″ content=”Chinese Herbalism organizes medicinal substances by the Eighteen Categories. By memorizing these first, your understanding of the Theory and choosing the correct therapy will be greatly enhanced.”]The Eighteen Categories of herbs[/su_tooltip]

Chapter 1 Herbs that Relieve the Exterior

Section 1 Warm, Pungent/Acrid

a. Strongly Relieve Wind-Cold

b. Mildly Relieve Wind-Cold

c. Wind-Cold & Harmonize Stomach

d. Wind-Cold-Damp + Headache

e. Wind-Cold + Nasal Problems

f. Wind-Cold in Summer

Section 2 Cool, Pungent/Acrid

a. Mildly Release Wind-Heat

b. Wind-Heat & Raise Yang Qi

c. Wind-Heat Rash, Throat

d. Wind-Heat Focus Head & Eyes

Release Both W-C & W-H

Chapter 2 Herbs that Clear Heat

Section 1 Herbs that Clear Heat and Drain Fire

a. Clear Yang Ming Channel Heat or Qi Level Heat

b. Drain Liver Fire

c. Clear Heart Fire

d. Clear San Jiao Heat

e. Clear Lung Heat

Section 2 Herbs that Clear Heat and Dry Dampness

a. Clear Heat & Dry Dampness

Section 3 Herbs that Cool Blood and Clear Heat

a. Clear Heat & Cool Blood

Section 4 Herbs that Clear Heat and Relieve Toxicity

a. Seasonal Warm-Febrile Disorders

b. Abscess, Sores, & Ulcers

c. Intestinal Abscess/Appendicitis

d. Severe Sore Throat due to Toxic Heat

e. Dysentery & Intestinal Damp-Heat

f. Clear False Heat/Yin Deficient Heat

g. Lung Heat

Section 5 Cancer Herbs

a. Cancer Herbs

Sections 6 Herbs that Clear Summer Heat

a. Clear Summer Heat

Chapter 3 Downward Draining Herbs

Section 1 Purgatives

Section 2 Moist Laxatives

Section 3 Harsh Expellants

Chapter 4 Herbs that Drain Dampness

Section 1 Herbs that Leech out Dampness & Promote Urination

Section 2 Herbs that Drain Damp & Promote Urination Diuretics for Difficult Urination

Section 3 Herbs that Drain Damp-Heat

Chapter 5 Herbs that Dispel Wind-Dampness

Section 1 Wind-Cold-Damp Bi

Section 2 Wind-Damp-Heat Bi

Section 3 Chronic Bi

Chapter 6 Herbs that Transform Phlegm

Section 1 Transform Phlegm-Cold

Section 2 Transform Phlegm-Heat

Section 3 Transform Phlegm-Stop Cough & Wheezing

a. Transform Phlegm-Stop Cough Warm Herbs

b. Transform Phlegm-Stop Cough Cold Herbs

Chapter 7 Aromatic Herbs that Transform Dampness

Section 1 Transform Damp

Chapter 8 Herbs that Relieve Food Stagnation

Section 1 Food Stagnation

Chapter 9 Herbs that Regulate Qi

Section 1 Regulate Liver Qi

Section 2 Regulate Middle Jiao Qi

Section 3 Regulate Chest Qi

Section 4 Move Liver Qi & Stop Pain

Section 5 Regulate Rebellious Qi Lu/St

Chapter 10 Herbs that Regulate the Blood

Section 1 Cool Blood & Stop Bleeding

a. Cool Blood & Stop Bleeding

b. Stop Bleeding by Astringency

c.  Stop Bleeding by Invigorating the Blood

d. Stop Bleeding by Warming the Meridians

Section 2 Herbs that Invigorate the Blood

a. Move Qi & Blood, Stop Pain

b. Invigorate Blood & Regulate Menses

c. Invigorate Blood Focus on Trauma

Chapter 11 Herbs that Warm the Interior and Expel Cold

Section 1 Warm the Interior and Expel Cold

Chapter 12 Tonic Herbs

Section 1 Qi Tonics

a. Focus on Tonifying Whole Body Qi

b. Focus on Lung & Spleen Qi

Section 2 Tonify Yang

Section 3 Tonify Blood

Section 4 Tonify Yin

a. Focus on Liver & Kidney Yin

b. Focus on Lung & Stomach Yin

c. Focus on Stomach Yin

d. Focus on Lung & Kidney Yin

Chapter 13 Herbs that Stabilize and Bind

Section 1 Astringe Sweat

Section 2 Astringe Lung Qi

Section 3 Astringe Large Intestine

Section 4 Astringe Kidney Jing (Essence)

Chapter 14 Substances that Calm Shen (Spirit)

Section 1 Substances that Anchor Shen

Section 2 Herbs that Nourish Shen

Chapter 15 Aromatic Substances that Open the Orifices

Chapter 16 Substances that Extinguish Wind and Stop Tremors

Section 1 Anchor Liver Yang

Section 2 Eliminate Liver Wind

Chapter 17 Herbs that Expel Parasites