What is the purpose of the Scholar Warrior?

What is purpose of Mountain University?

This is an educational institution for learning about many things but with a focus on Asian/Chinese Medicine and Philosophy. It’s mission is to enhance and measure any person’s knowledge in these fields of study. The medicine portion of the courses are based on the present college programs in the fields of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Massage, and Qi Gong & Nei Gong.

What is a Scholar Warrior Sage?
A person interested in this Path of self cultivation is someone looking to transform themselves by walking the Tri-Fold Path that helps us on the search for the Truth that lies at the Core of our Being.

  • The Scholar is an individual who pursues academic intellectual studies. Scholarly studies nourish the mind. The Scholar needs the Warrior qualities to balance and transform and put the knowledge into action. The eternal student, always ready to increase understanding. The Scholar shares his knowledge for the betterment of all.
  • The Warrior is an individual who cultivates the skills and practices the activities of defense and offense. The Warrior needs the knowledge and strategies of the Scholar. The Warrior uses his skill for the betterment of all. These skills can come from many different sources.
  • The Sage is created from the Knowledge of the Scholar and the Skill of the Warrior. Having the Experiences of the Scholar’s Knowledge and the Warrior’s Applications, the Sage can better decide when to act or be still. This is called the Wisdom of the Sage.
Why choose this course of study over going to a four year college?
This institution is modeled after present day Universities without a $50,000 debt attached. This Path allows you to acquire many of those same skills and knowledge at a lower cost and on your own time table.
If these subjects interest you, then take the next step on Your Path today.

“Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself.”

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