Chapter: Wagin War



Now, when your weapons are dulled, your ardor damped, your strength exhausted and your treasure spent, other chieftains will spring up to take advantage of your extremity. Then no man, however wise, will be able to avert the consequences that must ensue.


When troops are exhausted and weapons used up, and supporting resources gone you are in a position of great weakness and may be easily defeated. Such situations should be seen long before they happen and in time to be actively avoided.

In reverse, if you can catch your enemy at a low point, you may snatch victory at relatively little cost.

It is one of the strategies of defense to hunker down and let the enemy deplete their resources before springing out to take advantage of their exhaustion.

In business, beware of throwing everything into campaigns if you do not know that you will win in this way. Steadiness often beats exuberance.